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Holiday Decorating: Tree Tops Glistening at Forté Events


Tree Tops Are Glistening at Forté Events

by Amanda Lindgren

Christmas is a holiday we cherish very deeply at Forté Events and every year we try to do something different.  Normally, we would spend a full week bustling and primping the house with lights and garland galore.  This year, we decided to pass on the fun (and at times, frustrating) task to the professionals.

Within one weekend, Ann Baldrica and Lindy Glover had not only made the house festive, but brought us peace and relaxation.  We were put at ease the moment this duo walked in the door!  We couldn’t be more pleased and appreciative of their talents!

Themed Trees

We absolutely adore themed trees, as they not only showcase our favorite ornaments and colors but also provide structure to a holiday that can be as eclectic as Christmas.   We originally bought this tree at one of our events, Festival of the Trees.  Since then, we have modified it every year to reflect on our change as people and as a company.  This year the theme was green and gold.  Not only was our tree decked out in these colors, but they also tied into other elements such as floral and greenery throughout the front room and into the other rooms.



Oh Christmas Tree! tree2

Don’t have enough space for a Christmas tree? Have little kids or pets? Hang your tree from the ceiling! We love this unique spin on the traditional Christmas tree. Not only do we love the creativity this tree inspires but we also love how it ties in this room’s theme colors of orange and silver.Tree4


Crackle! Pop!

Those sounds are not only coming from the fireplace!  The warm and vibrant orange elements mixed with the cool, silver pieces, really fit nicely for the downstairs.  Splashes of color not only pop but also draw attention to different aspects of the room. Like shown below, ornaments don’t have to be used just for the traditional Christmas tree.  Here, they are used surrounding candles and other décor.



Non Profit Event Case Study: Family Polo Day

Family Polo DayFamily Polo Day is a non-profit fundraiser for scholarships to a prestigious private school (The Colorado Springs School).  They wanted to broaden their attendance base.  Normally, the only people who came were parents of students at the school and they wanted the whole city to come.  We did an aggressive media campaign including newspaper, magazines, e-blasts, billboards & more. We had over 800 guests at the event and at least 300 were new to the event and not affiliated with the school.  The event itself included a live polo match, food stations, bars, a huge kids area with rides and games, a live band, and lots of fun!  Lesson learned: Marketing your event is extremely important! Don’t be afraid to marketing through your local media.     

Forté Events Inc. wins prestigious ISES ESPRIT AWARD from the International Special Events Society

espirit awardForté Events Inc., a Colorado Springs-based strategic event design and production firm is an award recipient for the prestigious ISES Esprit Awards from the International Special Events Society (ISES) in the category of “Best Wedding Budget Over $200,000.”  Along with this award, Forté Events also won this year’s ISES Denver Excellence Award for “Best Wedding Budget Over $50,000” in June.  These awards make Forté Events the winner of the best wedding produced in the state of Colorado in the year of 2011 and the best wedding produced in the world in 2011 as judged by the event industry.

Forté Events Inc. has been in business for six years and it’s CEO, Tami Forero celebrated her 20-year anniversary as an Event Planner in 2012.  In that time, Forté Events Inc. has also won an Colorado Expression ICON Award for best non-profit event and Tami’s been awarded the Rising Star Award by the Colorado Springs Business Journal.

The winning wedding was an Alice in Wonderland themed event that was truly a dream job for Forté Events.   We were given full creative control and a generous budget from the client.  A 100’ x 100’ tent on the grounds of the Fountain Valley School became a fantasy world that included a rabbit hole entryway, shrinking room, hedge maze, a 75’ long Mad-Hatter table, and characters from the story.  Over 5,000 flowers created a ceremony archway like no other and a truly magical feeling forest atmosphere.  The culinary selections were unlike anything you’ve ever seen at a wedding with food displayed as growing out of the forest floor, hanging from trees and even included a station of items that tasted “not what they seemed” (beef and sour cream tacos that looked like desert canoli’s for example.)  For a full set of photos go to

Tami Forero, CEO of Forté Events Inc., says”  “It was one of our favorite weddings we have produced.  The family was a pleasure to work with and our ability to be creative was limitless which is a rare privilege.”


About ISES:

ISES honors industry excellence through its prestigious awards program, the ISES Esprit Awards which fuel a spirit of competition within designated categories. ISES Esprit Awards gain global visibility and recognition for ISES members. It honors special event professionals who exhibit a “spirit of excellence” in their work.  The importance of global industry recognition helps improve industry standards internationally and further promote our professionalism.  ISES is dedicated to recognizing excellence in events and rewarding those individuals whose vision and creativity make their events “Special.”

About Forté Events:

Forté Events is a strategic event design and production firm specializing in corporate, non-profit, and social events worldwide.  Based in Colorado Springs, CO, this small company of seven produce events worldwide from Fortune 500 clients to families and charities.  Forté Events specializes in helping clients attain goals, realize return on investment, and achieve the most unique, creative experiences.

Fundraising Event Case Study: Cowboy Cotillion

Forte Events Non Profit FundraiserThis event we produced for the Pikes Peak Partnership, who provides resources to people with mental, physical and cognitive disabilities.  It was their annual fundraiser that had bad attendance and no press.  Their Executive Director went to a Forté Events produced event & asked for our help. We moved the venue from a hotel ballroom to the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame (obvious fit for the theme & a lot less décor needed!) We kept the name ‘Denim & Diamonds’ and really played up the diamonds aspect. All guests went to a guarded room with a table of diamonds on it. Three were real diamonds, the rest cubic zirconium. Each guest picked out a diamond that was put into a numbered & branded jewelry bag.  Local jewelers were onsite and verified the actual diamonds and the three winners were announced during the program.

IMG_0216We also provided a ton of activities at the event: western themed food stations, a live country band, line dancing lessons, an arm wrestling contest, bungee bull competition, live rope tricks & lessons, ‘diamond dusting’ face painting for adults and a photo booth with Denver Broncos players.  There truly was something for everyone!  The press responded to the event and helped us promote the fact that you could win a real diamond by supporting this great cause. A local country radio station even did a remote broadcast from the event.  The end result was a doubled attendance from the year before (& a lot more money raised!)

Lesson to take from this: find a press-worthy aspect of your event to help get people in the door!

Click here for a full set of photos from this event.

Location! Location! Location!

in the vineyardWe work on a lot of corporate training meetings and the one factor we’ve found that is the most important to their success is where you have the meeting.  It may seem counter-intuitive, but there have been psychological studies that show people learn better when they enjoy the surroundings.  We like to call it “thinking outside the ballroom.”  While hotel ballrooms are good for certain events, they are not ideal for a corporate training.  At the very least try to have it in a room with windows with a good view.  We prefer outdoor locations when possible.  Think about locations that you might not necessary correlate with events.  Recently we had an event at the Crocker & Starr Vineyard who’d never hosted corporate events before we brought our group there.

This venue was perfect for our group who worked for a food company.  We paired it with some events at the nearby Culinary Institute of America.   This was a great place for executives to learn; they deal with food all day long, so we brought them back to their roots: cooking. While outside in the vineyard they met the owner who talked about the location and wine making.  Put yourself in the client’s shoes when selecting a venue.  Where would they like to go?  What locations have a special meaning to the company history?  What location might they benefit from seeing?  We recently produced a training for a company that makes airplane engines (among many other things.)  Early on in their history, they had tested their first engines from Pikes Peak.  So we gathered them in Colorado Springs and had an executive talk about the company history.  Giving this back story got the attendees more invested in where they were, and consequently, increased the effectiveness of their learning.  It inspired the attendees and helped engagement tremendously.  Chateauform

Historic locations are also great ways to inspire your attendees.   When we have groups in Europe we love to take them to Chateauform properties, which are typically old castles or historical buildings that have been converted into meeting spaces.  Most have outdoor locations where attendees can soak up some sun while they learn.

So the next time you have a corporate training event, take the time to reflect and come up with a special, unique location to host your group.