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What is your “Dom Perignon”?

Dom Perignon White Wine Mission hosted by Serge And Tatiana Sorokko with Menu by Richard GeoffroyAs many of you know, Forté Events plans Celebrations of Life for clients who want to honor a loved one who has passed away.

Recently, a client asked if we would plan a celebration for her husband.  I asked her the list of questions I usually ask clients including “do you want alcohol at the event?”  She said she would like to toast her Husband with champagne because while he was alive, he enjoyed a champagne toast for New Year’s Eve, birthdays, and special occasions. He always wanted to buy Dom Perignon and in her words, she would “reign him in” because of the cost and they would get cheaper champagne.  He never had a glass of Dom Perignon.

Today she regrets that decision.  She said “why didn’t I just let him buy the Dom?”

Needless to say, we will be toasting him at his Celebration of Life this summer with the best “Dom” we can find.

This experience reminds me that life is short and we should all take the time and money to enjoy life while we can.

What is your “Dom Perignon”?  It’s time to go get it and enjoy!