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10 Things I’ve Learned in 10 Years Owning This Business

I can’t believe it!!!! Forté Events turns 10 YEARS OLD on March 19, 2016!!!

In celebration of this momentous occasion, I thought I would share the top 10 truths I’ve learned in the last 10 years of business. I hope this inspires you and I hope you can partake in our joy as we reminisce on social media all month too! #Fortéis10

_MG_9022#10 Get your house in order. Understand financials and get help from people that know how to strengthen your bottom line. Stay out of debt personally and in business. Don’t let others tell you that you need things to be a “real” business if you don’t (offices, furniture, cars, staff, equipment, etc.) I know some types of businesses in our industry require more purchasing of things to survive and grow but do it in such a way that your goal is to be debt free. Commit to it and really do it. When you don’t have the burden of debt hanging over you, you can be free to experiment and be creative. You can donate to your favorite causes and help others. You can be much more profitable since your margins are yours and not going to pay off a bunch of debt. As a creative person, I am not naturally great at bookkeeping/accounting…generally any kind of math but once I learned how to read reports, project sales, and understand my numbers, I became immediately more successful and confident. Now, I enjoy the numbers and I’m not scared of the reports! Creating a sound financial plan and sticking to it will make your business and life so much more enjoyable.

#9 Only work with” perfect” clients. We define what “perfect” clients are for us each year and we only pursue and work with those who fit our criteria. Everyone else we say “no” to…even when we need work…even when it’s hard to say no. We do not budge on this. Working with clients that are not a great fit make for a miserable experience for them and for us. The joy of having your own business is that you can say no…most of us don’t do this often enough and wonder why we are exhausted, unfulfilled, underpaid, under appreciated and not happy. In fact, many companies cannot keep quality employees because they do not “protect” their teams from unfit clients. Moral suffers and the work is no longer fun. On the other hand, perfect clients refer other perfect clients and are fun to work with!

IMG_8324#8 Surround yourself with great mentors. I work with a business consultant, an attorney, and a CPA. I have a network of event professionals I can contact for support whom I’ve befriended over years of conferences and networking. I am also an active member of several professional organizations. I turn to my Husband and my parents for advice and support often. I am painfully aware that I do not know everything. I need support to stay successful and I actively seek it out. This has made all the difference!

#7 Delegate, delegate, delegate! Each of us at Forté Events only works the part of the project that we love and we are good at doing. If I had to do everything (sales, contract negotiations, customer service, logistics, billing, bookkeeping, vendor relations, communications, marketing, on-site event management, travel, networking, admin, speaking, consulting, etc.) I would be non-effective and stressed out! Instead, I delegate as much as I can to the team and I only concentrate on a few areas that I am good at and enjoy. If you never learn to delegate, your company will never grow. Delegating (and I mean hands off once you pass on the task) has allowed each team member to grow in his or her own careers and for me to focus on the bigger picture. I highly recommend it!

DSC_0932#6 Do not make fear based decisions. I could write a whole book on just this one point (don’t worry I won’t do that here). All fear-based decisions made in business will most likely result in failure. For example, money is tight so you decide to work with a client that is not a perfect fit for you; the schedule this month is so hectic, you decide to keep an employee that is not a fit for your team so they can help you finish the workload; you’re afraid an attorney will be expensive so you sign a contract without a professional opinion; you are unsure of the abilities of an industry partner but their price fits in the budget so you hire them despite your reservations. Any of these sound familiar? TRUST YOUR GUT…take your time, research, think before you act and never make decisions out of fear.

#5 Set personal goals vs. business goals. I know this flies in the face of all that is holy in the business world but it has made all the difference in my life. At Forté Events we ask each person to set personal goals: how many hours per week do they want to work? How much money do they want to make this year? How many vacations do they want to take? Are they buying a house? Selling a house? Buying or selling a car? Moving? Having a baby? Pursuing a new hobby? These are the goals we strive to achieve each year and we set the business sales goals to meet these personal milestones. We are focused on our lives not just the business. I set business goals only in 90-day increments. For me, I find 90-day goals more achievable than 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, etc. If I’m achieving everything in each 90-day increment, I’m doing well!

IMG_0517#4 Be a relationship builder. Although a lot of what I do is sales, I don’t like the slimy way some people go about it. I honestly love people. I’m interested in who people are, what they do, what they think, what inspires them, what makes them passionate…what makes them, them. Sadly, I think a lot of people in business are less interested in who people are and are more interested in what they can get from someone else. They are takers and only give what is necessary to bring a desired result. Don’t be like that. Build relationships with people whether they can do anything for you or not. Especially in business…seek out relationships that feed your soul not just you bank account. I believe we are here to find the people we are meant to know…who bring value to our lives. At the end of the day, this is something that matters. Invest in people always.

#3 Be a giver. I speak about this a lot at conferences and classes and I really mean it. I believe a lot of our success as a company is because we are all givers. We give money, time, talent…ourselves. I think many people today are afraid of giving. Afraid they will get nothing in return. Afraid to be vulnerable…especially in business where kindness can be seen as weakness. I’m here to encourage you…that is rubbish. Give of yourself…give everything expecting nothing in return. In the wise words of a great 80’s band, Missing Persons, “…give-when you have anything at all to give. You have everything to live for…after you’ve given all you can, give again give again…”

You’ll have no choice but to be successful and you’ll be a better person too.

IMG_0063#2 Take business risks. I know this might sound redundant since most business owners are risk takers by nature but sometimes it’s easy to fall into patterns and not break out into new opportunities. Nine years ago when a client asked me to produce an event in another state, I said, “yes!” even though I had never planned something remotely. I thought it must be the same as what we had done locally so we stretched and grew. A year later when a client asked if we could produce events overseas, guess what my answer was? Yep…stretched and grew again…now we are experts in international event planning. I try a lot of things…some work and some don’t. It’s costly in time and money but if I don’t keep trying things I might miss out on amazing opportunities for growth. And, let’s face it…after a while business can become boring if you don’t try new and scary things. Take the risk.

#1 I am not the business. I am a person who owns a business but I am not Forté Events. The company is a tool by which I can work in an industry I love with people I respect and projects I enjoy. The company provides the income we all need to live and have a fun life. My identity is not wrapped up in this business. I love the business but it is not who I am, it’s what I do. Because I understand this, it is easier to separate my emotions from business decisions and others’ reactions to our policies, products, services, and culture. A business will come and go. Projects will come and go. Clients will come and go. What’s left? You, your relationships, the memories you’ve made and the wisdom you’ve gained. If the business succeeds, you’re still you. If the business fails, you’re still you. I think a lot of business owners especially in the hospitality industry struggle with this separation…repeat after me: “I am not the business. This business is what I do, not who I am”.

# # #

About Forté Events:

Forté Events is a strategic event design and production firm specializing in corporatenon-profit, and social events worldwide. Based in Colorado Springs, CO, and New York City this company produce events worldwide from Fortune 500 clients to families and charities. Forté Events specializes in helping clients attain their goals, realize return on investment, and achieve the most unique, creative experiences.

About Tami Forero:

Tami has set new standards and challenged traditional event ideas throughout her twenty one years as a corporate and independent event producer. Her unique approach to the business of events qualified her as a finalist for the 2006 Event Producer of the Year Spotlight Award and Event Production Company of the Year Spotlight Award in 2008. In 2010, Tami won the Rising Star Award from the Colorado Springs Business Journal and Forté Events won the 2010 ICON Award for the best non-profit event produced in Colorado. As a speaker for national event conferences, ISES chapters, CEO groups, training companies, and various industry associations, Tami teaches event professionals and corporations how to help clients make the most return on their event investments. Overall, Tami Forero represents the best the industry has to offer in creativity, innovation, and knowledge.

Simon Melser is now Director of Business Development

simonForté Events is excited to announce that Simon Melser is now Director of Business Development. Simon has been in the events & hospitality industry for over 30 years in London, Colorado and Texas. He brings with him a national and international network of industry professionals from years working at hotels and production companies. Simon will use his experience to enhance Forté Events already impressive portfolio of strategic event planning services for Fortune 500 clients. Simon lives in Watkins Colorado with his partner Cara on their 20-acre ranch, with 3 horses, 2 dogs and a tractor!

About Forté Events:

Forté Events is a strategic event design and production firm specializing in corporate, non-profit, and social events worldwide. Based in Colorado Springs, CO, with offices in New York City, Forté Events specializes in helping clients attain their goals, realize return on investment, and achieve the most unique, creative experiences.    

TSE 2015 Recap

10887617_10152424997160876_275784905464771912_oI just returned from the 2015 Special Event Conference & Tradeshow the other day. This year (I think I’ve been the last 10 now…I’ve lost track.)  I taught 3 classes:

-The TRUTH about Planners and Vendors!
-How to Be REALLY Profitable
-Do You Want to Know What I Know?

I have to say I really loved Anaheim.  The weather was great, the host hotels & convention center were all together and there was a Starbucks & plenty of restaurants within walking distance.  I even got to meet up with some of my family while I was there!

Iwas most excited for my newest class, the advanced, Q&A style “Do You Want to Know What I Know” where I answered ​ANY​ questions attendees had. The room was full of experienced planners​ and vendors​, many of which ended up learning a lot from each other. (I did too!) My favorite question was when someone asked me what life experience I credited with bringing me to where I​ am​ currently. I was touched ​that ​someone cared to ask something so personal. It was great being able to share how much my parents helped me as they were business owners ​as ​well.

I did take ​a​ controversial stance on budget​s this year​. ​The bottom line is that you will never be profitable unless you control the budget! ​For planners, this means that the end client pays you so you can control the pricing and ​then ​pay the vendors yourself.​ If you’re only charging a fee for hourly work, you’ll never make as much money as you can when you’re the project manager.​ Want to understand this better? Contact us.

I met lots of great people (as always) and was able to even have a few quick coffee meeting​s​ to discuss business practices with​ old friends and​ new friends. Looking forward to 2016!​ Thank you TSE for the opportunity and for a great conference!​

What did you think of this years TSE?  Comment below!


Great Experience at ISES Northeast REC

ISESREC_2013Last week I had one of the best experiences at a speaking engagement. I was invited to the 2013 ISES Northeast REC Conference “Innovation. Education. Inspiration.” outside of Washington DC. I didn’t have the best start; I got bumped off my first flight and missed many of the classes I was hoping to attend myself. Things started looking up as I arrived, this ISES region really knows how to throw an event! I made it in time to attend their Monday night social event. Their vendors went all out, Cort Furniture had created a gorgeous lounge and there was a $30,000 laser light show from GrooveBoston. Like I always say, if you’re going to sponsor something for event planners, go all out & really show them the best you can be!

The next morning was my ”Building a Business that Creates the Life You Want” class. The stars must have been aligned as it felt like so many people in the audience were in the same situation I was in years ago: working too much, not happy, no work/life balance, thinking “paying my dues” would pay off eventually, etc. You really can build a business to fit the  lifestyle you want. You have to stick to specific goals, price yourself effectively, and delegate those things you don’t like or aren’t good at. It was an amazing experience for me as a speaker as I could see a mind shift happening in front of me. The reaction was visible, several people were even crying. I believe they needed to hear the things I was saying to help get them on the right path to a healthier work/life balance. I look forward to seeing many of them at a future Business Boot Camp here in Colorado Springs.


Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Colorado Meetings & Events

(As published in the Fall 2012 issue of Colorado Meetings & Events Magazine)

Although many businesses in our industry have struggled through the past few years of economic downturn, I believe some good practices have emerged as well. For example, many companies have reevaluated who they are, what they want to provide in the future, and how they want to be perceived in the marketplace. Other companies have reduced or eliminated debt, allowing them to make a fresh start.

Some companies have scaled back staff levels, which can be viewed by some as a negative. However, these event professionals have created a very profitable role for themselves as independent contractors. This is the best trend to happen to the event industry in a long time!

Experienced event planners, A/V technicians, salespeople, caterers and designers were the first to lose their higher paying jobs when economic cutbacks hit our industry. Many of these people have 12 to 30 years experience-so when there were no jobs to replace the ones they’d lost, they took matters into their own hands and became independent contractors providing their expertise to many companies nationwide.

My company has greatly benefited from this new trend. Most of our firm’s work is international and requires a lot of onsite management and travel for high-end clients, so we really need event professionals with years of experience. As a small business, I found it difficult to afford the large salaries required to attract this caliber of planner. Now, I am grateful to work every week with planners I could not have hired prior to the economic downturn.

Everyone wins! The contractors set their pay scale, assist many companies, pick and choose the projects they work on and make more money than they did being employed by one company. Event companies like mine are afforded the opportunity to work with some of the best planners in the business for a fraction of the cost of hiring full time, we choose the contractor that is a match for a specific client and we make more profit while ensuring the client is happy.

Kevin Kowalczyk owns Giant Steps Consulting, a Denver-based company he started three years ago after experiencing a layoff. Forté Events hires Kevin for onsite event delivery worldwide, pre-planning and monthly social media marketing. He offers similar support to many companies and has seen an increase in demand for the type of services Giant Steps offers.

“I love the flexibility and profitability I’ve experienced since becoming a contractor. I have had a lot more opportunities for growth in the industry since starting my company and feel I have a higher quality of life and a better work/life balance,” he says. “I am able to be successful by maintaining closer relationships with many event professionals…something I could not have done while working full-time for one company.”

Forté Events hires six contractors regularly and will continue this practice in the long term. While our industry finds new ways to compete, stay profitable and rebuild during an ever changing economic landscape, I’m grateful for independent contractors!
– Tami Forero

# # #

Forté Events is a strategic event design and production firm specializing in corporate, non-profit, and social events worldwide. This award winning team also designs custom, experiential learning programs and corporate training sessions.

CEO of Forté Events, Tami Forero is a veteran of the special event industry having planned hundreds of strategic corporate, social and non-profit events.  She’s a sought after consultant and speaker with topics both on the event industry and business skills.