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Holiday Decorating: Tree Tops Glistening at Forté Events


Tree Tops Are Glistening at Forté Events

by Amanda Lindgren

Christmas is a holiday we cherish very deeply at Forté Events and every year we try to do something different.  Normally, we would spend a full week bustling and primping the house with lights and garland galore.  This year, we decided to pass on the fun (and at times, frustrating) task to the professionals.

Within one weekend, Ann Baldrica and Lindy Glover had not only made the house festive, but brought us peace and relaxation.  We were put at ease the moment this duo walked in the door!  We couldn’t be more pleased and appreciative of their talents!

Themed Trees

We absolutely adore themed trees, as they not only showcase our favorite ornaments and colors but also provide structure to a holiday that can be as eclectic as Christmas.   We originally bought this tree at one of our events, Festival of the Trees.  Since then, we have modified it every year to reflect on our change as people and as a company.  This year the theme was green and gold.  Not only was our tree decked out in these colors, but they also tied into other elements such as floral and greenery throughout the front room and into the other rooms.



Oh Christmas Tree! tree2

Don’t have enough space for a Christmas tree? Have little kids or pets? Hang your tree from the ceiling! We love this unique spin on the traditional Christmas tree. Not only do we love the creativity this tree inspires but we also love how it ties in this room’s theme colors of orange and silver.Tree4


Crackle! Pop!

Those sounds are not only coming from the fireplace!  The warm and vibrant orange elements mixed with the cool, silver pieces, really fit nicely for the downstairs.  Splashes of color not only pop but also draw attention to different aspects of the room. Like shown below, ornaments don’t have to be used just for the traditional Christmas tree.  Here, they are used surrounding candles and other décor.