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Unique Event Idea: Movie Premiere!

A nonprofit came to us wanting to start a repeatable event to help raise money.  But they had a few issues to overcome:

  • Their nonprofit provided something that people don’t particularly like to talk about: bereavement services for those affected by pregnancy and infant loss.
  • The majority of their donors were women.

Their goals were go get more men involved, attract more potential donors regardless of their mission and to create and event that could be repeated.

batman in the theatre

Our solution was to do something totally unrelated to their cause: a movie premiere. Knowing men tend to give more at events, we chose the new Batman movie whose audience will be heavily male.  Making the event a red-carpet style movie premiere we knew that this would be a date night event where people could go out & have fun, and then in the process support a great charity.

By producing a movie premiere, we knew we could repeat this event with different movies, and depending on the film could attract a different demographic, increasing the nonprofit’s database.   It will be mostly fun, but we’ll also talk about the nonprofit before the movie starts and guests will get more information in their giveaway bags.

By doing this premiere we’re looking at nonprofit events in a new way.  All fundraisers don’t necessarily need to be driven by a gala-type theme!  Sometimes you need to come up with something unrelated to the nonprofit’s mission.