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TSE 2015 Recap

10887617_10152424997160876_275784905464771912_oI just returned from the 2015 Special Event Conference & Tradeshow the other day. This year (I think I’ve been the last 10 now…I’ve lost track.)  I taught 3 classes:

-The TRUTH about Planners and Vendors!
-How to Be REALLY Profitable
-Do You Want to Know What I Know?

I have to say I really loved Anaheim.  The weather was great, the host hotels & convention center were all together and there was a Starbucks & plenty of restaurants within walking distance.  I even got to meet up with some of my family while I was there!

Iwas most excited for my newest class, the advanced, Q&A style “Do You Want to Know What I Know” where I answered ​ANY​ questions attendees had. The room was full of experienced planners​ and vendors​, many of which ended up learning a lot from each other. (I did too!) My favorite question was when someone asked me what life experience I credited with bringing me to where I​ am​ currently. I was touched ​that ​someone cared to ask something so personal. It was great being able to share how much my parents helped me as they were business owners ​as ​well.

I did take ​a​ controversial stance on budget​s this year​. ​The bottom line is that you will never be profitable unless you control the budget! ​For planners, this means that the end client pays you so you can control the pricing and ​then ​pay the vendors yourself.​ If you’re only charging a fee for hourly work, you’ll never make as much money as you can when you’re the project manager.​ Want to understand this better? Contact us.

I met lots of great people (as always) and was able to even have a few quick coffee meeting​s​ to discuss business practices with​ old friends and​ new friends. Looking forward to 2016!​ Thank you TSE for the opportunity and for a great conference!​

What did you think of this years TSE?  Comment below!